We all benefit from Local Buy!

Through QPLA’s partnership with Local Buy we provide a comprehensive and value-adding register of pre-qualified library suppliers, which provides effective and streamlined procurement solutions and processes for Queensland Council library purchasers.

Local Buy secures commercially competitive and robust rates that reflect the aggregation of Queensland councils which reduces time, procurement and tendering costs for libraries and results in competitive quotations from appointed pre-qualified suppliers.

The QPLA arrangement with Local Buy results in a quarter of the management fees earned from this contract being returned to the Association which enabling QPLA to undertake events, and to subsidise attendance for Queensland public library staff. These fees are returned to QPLA annually and at the QPLA PD event in February the Association was provided with a cheque for $39,081.40.

Libraries are encouraged to make sure that your Council is benefiting from this process. Contact enquiry@localbuy.net.au and speak to Aileen if you need more information.

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