QPLA Board on Tour – Logan North Library – Feb 2024

What a vibrant and colourful space!  Located in the precinct beside the local pool, Logan North Library has a space for everyone.  From quiet reading areas with lots of natural light and plenty of room to sit and study, community puzzle table, and large children’s zone, to the fabulous artwork on display, all visitors should find something to suit their needs.

A highlight of this library is the Accessibility Centre – a quiet room to the side of the usual hustle and bustle containing fit-for-purpose furniture and equipment.  What a great resource for this community!

We certainly don’t have the volume of books being returned to warrant this in St George, but I loved it!   iCloud

My group was lucky enough to have the expert local guide, and running ahead of schedule we had a sneak peek into the Kingston Butter Factory and saw this (every local history section should have one!):

Melanie Mills, SW Regional Rep

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