Upcoming Meetings

QPLA Executive meeting schedule – 2023

Date 2023TimeVenue
Monday 23 January9am-2pmFace to face – Brisbane Square Library
Monday 20 February9am-2pmFace to face – Chermside Library – Makerspace Room
Monday 13 March9am-2pmFace to face – Laidley Library, Lockyer Valley
Monday 17 April9am-1pmOnline meeting
Monday 15 May10am-1pmOnline meeting
Friday 23 June9am-2pmFace to face – Brisbane Square Library – End Room
Monday 17 July9am-3pmFace to face – Chermside Library – Makerspace Room
Monday 14 August10am-1pmOnline meeting
Monday 11 September10am-1pmOnline meeting
Friday 20 October9-10am Board
10-12pm AGM
AGM – date and location TBC
Monday 13 November10am-1pmOnline meeting
Monday 11 December9am-2pmFace to face – Chermside Library – Makerspace Room

QPLA Executive meeting schedule – 2022

Date 2022TimeVenue
Monday 24th January10-2pmSLQ Online meeting
Monday 14th February10-2pmOnline meeting
Monday 14th March10-2pmToowong Library Meeting room
Monday 11th April10-1pmOnline meeting
Friday 13 May10-2pmBrisbane Square Library
Monday 13th June10-2pmNorth Lakes Library
Monday 18th July10-1pmOnline meeting
Monday 15th August10-2pmBrisbane Square Library
Monday 12th September10-1pmOnline meeting
Wednesday 12th October9-10am Board
10-12pm AGM
AGM – Held at QPLA Conference Bundaberg
– time TBC
Monday 14th November10-1pmOnline meeting
Monday 5th December10-2pmFace to face – Highfields Library, Toowoomba