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Library Resources:  Goods, Services & Associated Technologies LB284

Local Buy has worked collaboratively with the Queensland Public Libraries Association (QPLA) and Libraries directly throughout the State, to provide a comprehensive and value-adding Register of Pre-Qualified Supplier panel arrangement, which provides effective and streamlined procurement solutions and processes for Queensland and Northern Territory council library purchasers. The contract meets the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 2009 and Financial Regulations 2012, but organisations may   procure from this Contract also; please refer to the General Conditions of Contract,  under Schedule A.

This arrangement commenced on 18 November 2020 for a term of 2 years with optional extensions of two periods of up to 12 months each.

The objective of this arrangement is to streamline the local government procurement process, thereby reducing procurement costs for both local government and the library supplier community. When a local government seeks to make a purchase, they may obtain competitive quotations from pre-qualified suppliers  who have been appointed to this  Local Buy LB 284 arrangement, thereby saving the time and the cost of open tendering.

Due to the many variables and market dynamics of the Library industry, this arrangement allows Purchasers  to access goods and services from a panel of providers and then  issue Requests for Quotations (RFQ’s) inclusive of technical specifications.  This arrangement covers the lifecycle of  library purchasing including goods, value-added services (physical processing and cataloguing) processing material up to and including to the point that they are delivered as shelf ready, stock selection and other relevant services such as RFID Technology.

Local Buy seeks to secure commercially competitive and robust rates  that reflect the potential aggregation of  Queensland and Northern Territory councils.  Consistent with Clause 40 of the General Conditions of Contract, a supplier shall ensure that the prices offered and invoiced  to Purchasers  are its best and most competitive prices.

Local Buy has an ongoing agreement with QPLA whereby a quarter of the management fees earned from this  Library Resources LB284 arrangement are returned to the Association.

This funding enables the QPLA Committee to continue to undertake professional development and conference events each year, to subsidise attendance for selected Queensland public library staff that would otherwise be unable to attend the events, and to fund the QPLA Biennial Research Scholarship.

When purchasing through this arrangement, please ensure you quote the Contract No LB284 to confirm the terms and conditions of contract and the relevant pricing schedule.

The panel of pre-qualified suppliers have been awarded by specific category – please refer to the  Local Buy website for further information or contact us on:

Telephone:  07 3000 2115 or enquiry@localbuy.net.au


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