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Queensland Public Libraries Association

Queensland Public Libraries Association is a powerful network of public libraries.

QPLA is an independent body made up of members from Queensland library services. QPLA works with Australian Public Library Alliance, State Library of Queensland and other national bodies to ensure public libraries grow and develop and remain anchored in the communities they serve.

QPLA hosts professional developments events and a biennial conference providing access to high-quality learning and networking experiences.

All Queensland Rural and Independent Library services are invited to join QPLA to enjoy the benefits of a strong network base stretching across Queensland.

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Local Buy

Local Buy has worked collaboratively with the Queensland Public Libraries Association (QPLA) and Libraries directly throughout the State, to provide a comprehensive and value-adding Register of Pre-Qualified Supplier panel arrangement, which provides effective and streamlined procurement solutions and processes for Queensland and Northern Territory council library purchasers.

QPLA Board checks out Ipswich libraries

Ipswich libraries have been doing some amazing things lately and the Board was fortunate to visit the region and check out a range of their excellent services. The new library at Rosewood offers hand-curated selections in The Marketplace providing a welcoming, easy to browse bookstore-style experience. There‚Äôs also a Makerspace which provides an interactive digital experience for all ages.