Professional Placements initiative

The Professional Placements are an initiative of the QPLA Development and Opportunity working group. Feedback received during the 2014 Professional Development Intensive indicated that public library staff across Queensland were seeking new learning opportunities that allowed them to increase their skills by participating in a peer facilitated and practical hands on professional experience. This peer-to-peer model is a way for staff to experience industry best practice across a diverse range of library services.

The QPLA is supporting this initiative to increase knowledge sharing and provide a connected, supportive environment for all public library staff across Queensland. Participation in this program is open to all permanent Queensland public library staff who work for QPLA member libraries. The placement is to be initiated by the participant and the library service that they work for, based around a specific project, goal or developmental need. Participation is mutually agreed between participating Local Government Authorities.

The Development and Opportunity working group are acting as a conduit for these short-term placements to happen across Queensland. Sample resources to enable this to happen are provided below. Contact can be made with the QPLA secretary for further assistance

Before undertaking the professional placement you will need to download and agree to the terms as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Application Form for Professional Placement

Participant Feedback Form – Professional Placement

LGA Feedback Form – Professional Placement