Marketing Toolkit

Queensland Public Libraries Australia (QPLA) are excited to share with you the launch of the Queensland Libraries – Digital Marketing Campaign.

The Aim of the Campaign

The aim of this campaign is to:

  • Promote and advocate for Queensland Libraries
  • Re-position Queensland Public Libraries as a contemporary and modern space where there are a myriad of services and facilities on offer that anyone can access and all are welcome
  • Change traditional assumptions of what libraries are and raise awareness of current library offerings, to help encourage people back into Queensland Libraries 

The campaign includes a range of content, both images and reels, that individual libraries can access and use on their own social platforms to help promote their library services. This content has been created for those library services who may like additional support in developing their online presence. 

Access to this content and advice on how to create content for your social media platforms can be found in the Marketing Toolkit.  Library members can also submit high-quality photos and videos to for consideration to post on the Queensland Libraries social media platforms and we will endeavour to represent as many libraries as possible. 

The campaign also includes paid advertising of posts to extend the reach into our communities, providing an opportunity for free advertising for every individual Queensland public library service that engages with this campaign!

Target Market

The campaign is designed to target current library attendees but it also has a strong focus on the 25-40 year old market – those that may not have returned to the library since they were a child.  With the focus on this age bracket, the campaign will be brought to life through social media platforms – FaceBook, Instagram and TikTok and has been themed to appeal to this age group.


 Queensland Libraries – A Plot Twist

The theme of this marketing campaign is bold, unique and different to what people may expect from Queensland Libraries.  It’s about expectation vs reality. As the popular Instagram meme states – “when something changes, shout out plot twist and move on with your life.”  And that’s exactly what’s happened to the customer experience with libraries. Public libraries have maintained their core values and traditional services to access information, resources and life-long learning, however as you well know, the experiences that can be found within libraries now are very different to what they were 10 or so years ago.

How to Get Involved?

1. Follow, like, comment, share and engage with our new social media accounts to help grow our online presence. 

Queensland Libraries Facebook

Queensland Libraries Instagram

Queensland Libraries TikTok

2. Share your stories with us! When posting social media posts about your library service that may be unique or surprising (not what would be perceived as the traditional view of a library), we’d love for you to add the following tag and hashtags, so that our social media team can help share your content (and so that you can take advantage of the paid advertising)

  • Tag –  @QueenslandLibraries
  • Hashtags –  #QueenslandLibraries#APlotTwist

Alternatively, send us your high-quality photos and videos for consideration to post on the Queensland Libraries social media platforms.

 3. Be in it, to win it!  Your chance to win a 2 day registration to the QPLA Conference!

The reel that receives the most likes will win a 2 day registration for one of their library staff to attend the upcoming QPLA conference in October 2022.  

This competition has now closed and the winner will be announced very soon! Thanks to all who participated.

Building upon the theme of ‘A Plot Twist’ and ‘Expectation vs Reality’, QPLA are inviting all Queensland Public Libraries to create and share with us their best Plot Twist reels that showcase library staff or services and what the traditional assumption may be versus what the reality is.

When creating your reel:

  • Use a trending sound (like the one used in this example
  • Add the tag and hashtags listed above to your reel when you post it on your social media account OR include the ‘Queensland Libraries: a Plot Twist’ overlay

Need More Information? 

QPLA have developed some ‘How To’ videos to support libraries with setting up social media posts, adding hashtags or the Queensland Libraries: A Plot Twist overlay. 

VIDEO: Logo overlay QLD Libraries

VIDEO: QPLA Facebook Tag and Hashtag How to

In the meantime, if you need more information or support in developing your social media content to be able to participate in this campaign or enter the Reel Competition, please reach out to QPLA on  

Kind regards,

Nicole Hunt

President – Queensland Public Libraries Australia