ALIA Mentoring Program 2023

During 2023 QPLA offered our members an opportunity to participate in the ALIA Mentoring Scheme.

Scott Parsons, Hub Team Leader, Brisbane City Council Library Services was supported by QPLA to participate in the ALIA Mentoring Scheme during 2023/24. QPLA thanks Scott for sharing his experience of the program below.

This is my second time participating as a mentee in the QPLA/ALIA Mentoring Scheme. The support of my first mentor lifted and challenged me to secure the leadership position I hold and cherish today. I returned to the program this year looking to strengthen my representation within the industry.

For different reasons however, the working lives of my mentor and I have transformed over the course of the program, presenting its share of challenges. Despite this, it has been so valuable to have the experience and the connection of my mentor to help navigate these changes; to offer guidance on strategies to remain agile; and to ensure I maintained my self-belief in holding my professional vision.  

From an agility perspective, my key learning from the scheme was to be comfortable with being uncomfortable – and lean into change when it occurs and understanding that it is acceptable to have conversations that aren’t always drawn from the set content, whilst shifting focus towards the challenges at hand. In a short time, I have come to realise that many of these challenges were in fact opportunities, and the presentations around confidence, reminded me that I have the capability to accept them.

This, along with the wonderful catchups with my mentor, has increased my drive to contribute and represent the library industry in a more official capacity in the future.

I highly recommend participating in the QPLA/ALIA Mentoring Program. It is an integral part of the ongoing evolution of our industry – leaders grow leaders after all. This experience has inspired me to return to my library and encourage my colleagues to participate in the program and establish my own mentoring relationships.

SCOTT PARSONS – Hub Team Leader, Brisbane City Council.

IF you or one of your team are interested in exploring mentoring opportunities, QPLA will be looking to offer additional opportunities for our members to participate in the 2024/25 intake of the QPLA Mentoring Scheme.

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