Cheryl Haughton Scholarship awarded for 2023

The Cheryl Haughton Scholarship provides the opportunity for library staff to fulfil a professional development need that is outside of their library’s normal staff development training resources.
Cheryl Haughton was instrumental in the development of QPLA from 1979 when the idea to form an association was born until 1981 when the first meeting occurred. Cheryl was a founding member of the association, holding the positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer, in addition to conference convenor over many years. Cheryl is currently retired, however is still very active within the library sector.
The intention of the scholarship is for the successful applicant to gain skills and knowledge to benefit the applicant, the management of their library service and the broader public library sector.
In alignment with the QPLA 2023 Professional Development Intensive, the 2023/2024 Scholarship topic has a focus on Sustainability within public libraries, particularly collection management and weeding using sustainable practices.

The QPLA Board were delighted to have Cheryl Haughton at the PD event to announce the very first recipient of the Cheryl Haughton Scholarship to Anna Kinney, City of Moreton Bay Libraries. The Scholarship provides funding of $5,000 for Anna to explore the Sustainability within public libraries. Anna will present her findings at the QPLA Conference to be held in Townsville in 2024.

Congratulations Anna – we look forward to your presentation next year.

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