Resource sharing – Moreton Bay Regional Council Libraries’ PUPS looking for a new home

Moreton Bay Regional Libraries are looking to decommission the award-winning Pop Up Play Space.  Before decommissioning, the team are reaching out across our sector to see if another library service is interested in rehoming this item.  It has been well loved and is branded Moreton Bay as well as SLQ and F5F. 

The following information may be useful for interested libraries:

  • What is the timeframe for decommissioning?

As soon as practical.

  • Is there a set date for the items moved from the Moreton facility?

Interested libraries can negotiate with MBRC directly.

  • Which branch is PUPS currently located?

Currently split between Redcliffe and North Lakes

  • Can you outline exactly what is contained along with images as interested libraries may need to consider freight options?

See attached images.  The MBRC team can provide more details and costings of what it has cost them to remove, transport and set up the PUPS items within their region, which may help interested parties.  The images were taken when the PUPS was new, so some wear and tear has occurred.

  • Would MBRC consider splitting the items?

Yes happy for this to happen – interested libraries can negotiate directly.

  • Does Moreton Bay Regional Council require any recognition from another library if they are keen to take ownership?

MBRC don’t require any recognition, although it is branded with MBRC logos etc, however if may be possible to add your own branding. 

Images are attached which may provide additional information to assist interested libraries.  If you are interested in rehoming this interactive item please contact Program Leader First 5 Forever LeNeve Mallett | 07 3480 3916 | 0418 865 883

1/ Is the inside of the 3-page frame (based at Redcliffe Library) which is currently separated from the 2-page frame which is situated at North Lakes Library

2/ Is a wider photograph of the 3-page frame

3/ Is a photograph of the crawl through tunnel of the 3-page frame

4/ Is the exterior of the 2page frame. Please note the Ice cream shop has several pieces which are no longer attached however we do have these should someone be able to use them with the framework.

Inside this framework is a LEGO wall. This is heavily used but still going strong!

5/ Is the noughts and crosses game on the exterior of the 2-page frame.

6/ Shows the fishing boat which can be used anywhere, however this is heavily ‘pitted’ and marked from the much-loved fishing activities undertaken in this playboat. Fishing lines and fish would need to be replaced

7/ Shows both frames put together as one installation at our Deception Bay Branch ( a smaller branch) so both frames and fishing boat could be used together or separated as we have done across Moreton Bay so more families could use this beautiful play space.

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