Regional Wrap Up – SE Qld – Q1 2024

SE Qld Regional Rep Teresa Kohne shares details of the range of activities taking place across the SE region.

Gympie Regional Libraries

Armchair Travellers celebrate

In January 2024 Arm Chair Travellers celebrated their 25th travel adventure with a live virtual trip to Zurich, Switzerland.  These sessions began as part of the programming response during the Covid pandemic and are always popular, booking out quickly at Gympie Regional Libraries.

Gympie Regional Libraries App

 In November 2023 Gympie Regional Libraries launched its very own mobile app. Customers can use the app to manage their library account, search the catalogue, scan their library card to checkout materials, book in for events and even scan the ISBN code on any book to see if it’s available at their favourite library branch.

Events & Room Bookings

In November 2023 Gympie Regional Libraries implemented EB#1 Events and Room Bookings system, designed and built by libraries for libraries. EB#1 is a modern, all-in-one calendar platform that has been designed to help library customers better engage with their library’s events and programs.

EB#1 makes administrative tasks easier and includes the ability to set up templates for regular events. Event bookings, cancellations and waitlists are easily managed by staff and attendees. Events can also be curated and promoted with integration into the new Library App.  Libraries will also be using the room and space bookings features to manage meeting rooms available to the public and staff spaces for events and programming.

Monitor Computer Reservations

In December 2023 Gympie Regional Libraries rolled out Monitor’s Computer Reservation solution across all branches to replace the current PC Lockout solution which will no longer be supported in 2024. Monitor Computer Reservations offers more flexibility and customisation. Features include walk-up bookings with the user creating their booking at available PCS, while bookings for specific times can continue to be placed with staff.

Computer Reservations restarts the PC at the end of a session ensuring no personal information is left on the pc.  The ability to add additional messaging to sessions ensure users are kept informed of their booking status. The use of red and green colours in the timer box is another way users can keep track of their booking. Gympie Library also uses Monitor Print Management with borrowers now linked to their printing account when logging into a pc.

Story Walk – Little Queenslanders Alphabet Book

Gympie Regional Libraries in partnership with State Library of Queensland, installed a new Story Walk at Lake Alford during the December 2023/January 2024 School Holidays. The book “Little Queenslanders Alphabet Book” was written and illustrated by Sally Scudmore and Sophie Beer and is part of the Stories for Little Queenslanders collection. The Story Walk provides an alternative way for families to engage with young people’s picture books while enjoying nature and their environment. The latest instalment was created with reusable and stronger materials that lessen the likelihood of vandalism and allow for use on future Story Walk projects across the region.

Kilkivan Library Storytime Corner

Kilkivan Library underwent a minor facelift in the First 5 Forever Storytime corner with the addition of its new front-facing Easy Picture Book shelving. The shelving, sponsored by First 5 Forever and the State Library of Queensland, allows for improved use of the space for First 5 Forever program delivery, provides a more accessible collection for our 0-5 year olds and their families and creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in the area.

Easy Picture Book and Board Book loans

First 5 Forever continues to impact collection usage with a 47% increase in Picture Book loans and 55% increase in Board Book loans since the program began in 2015. These increases bode well for improvements in the Australian Early Development Census for the region.

City of Moreton Bay Libraries

Accessibility at Redcliffe Library

Exciting times ahead for Redcliffe Library, here is a sneak peek of some of the accessibility upgrades that we have incorporated into our refurbishment project. This stage is wheelchair accessible and includes TGSI (tactile ground surface indicators) and handrails to assist customers with all levels of mobility and visual ability. We hope that the inclusion of an accessible stage will mean that we can welcome a diverse range of presenters to our Redcliffe Library in a dignified and seamless manner.

In conjunction with this accessible stage we are also proud to announce the inclusion of a Changing Places Bathroom at Redcliffe Library. This Changing Places facility is the first one to be installed in a public library in Queensland. A Changing Places toilet facility allows people with high support needs to participate in all elements of community life, without having to limit their time out due to concerns about being able to access a suitable toilet. Redcliffe Library is our highest circulating library with approximately 800 – 900 visitors per day, so improving accessibility has been a high priority for this refurbishment. We aren’t finished yet though, watch this space!

Sunshine Coast Libraries

Library Lover’s Day

Library Lover’s Day was a huge hit, with our Library Choir initiative booked out and featured on WIN News. Over 100 people sang their hearts out in our two library song choirs for Library Lover’s Day. The sessions were passionately facilitated by an external presenter. Attendees learnt the words to popular love-themed tunes and experienced the joy of group singing at our Caloundra and Maroochydore libraries. The libraries were filled with the sounds of hits from Linda Ronstadt, U2, Natalie Cole, Captain & Tennille, Adele and the Grease soundtrack.

Learn to Sew

The learn to sew program is continuing to grow across the region, with 76 attendees joining 13 sessions so far. Attendees take their first steps to create their own fashion pieces in staff led hands-on workshops, including how to set up the machine, the types of threads, needles and stitches, using the feet, guiding the fabric and stitch straight lines and corners. Everyone makes their very own library bag to take home, showing off their creative skills.

Technology collection

A small-scale technology collection is now live, providing a range of commonly forgotten tech items such as charging cables, USB adapters and chargers to use while in the library, and wired headphones, webcams, USB card readers and vision impaired keyboards available for borrowers to take home. The collection also incorporates our code & go bumblebees and play & learn action racers for young coders, and Arduino starter kits for the keen adult coders. The collection will be expanded in response to demand from borrowers.

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