Regional Wrap North QLD – Q1 2024

NQ Regional Rep Jacob Schaumburg has been catching up on the latest activities from across the northern region.


Hi Folks,

I hope Q1 has treated everybody well. The QPLA board are working hard on bringing you the best QPLA Conference yet up here in Townsville, and I hope I see plenty of you in person up here in the North.

Erin and her team from Flinders Shire Public Libraries have recently been joined in Hughenden by Carers Gateway for a number of our Seniors Morning Tea events. Carers Gateway and Flinders Shire Library work together to provide an important information sharing session for our community members, which sees community members accessing information about the program through North West Remote Health. Picture attached.

Also, Erin and her team have also recently taken part in a pilot program for ALIA for the Aged Care Reforms. I look forward to hear more about this and it’s development, Erin.

For my regional wrap, I’d like to include two stories from Erin Kinchella at Flinders Shire Council and Courtney White at Croydon Shire Council.

Karen from Flinders Shire Council has also been working on a Seed Library over the last year. This is a really lovely initiative of people sharing garden seeds.

We can’t wait to hear how these initiatives go for Erin and the team at Flinders Shire. Thank you for sharing, Erin and Karen.


Courtney from Croydon Shire Council also has some fantastic news, a new library space!

Croydon Shire Library has undertaken a big move over the last few months. Originally located in the council office, the library has now been relocated to one of the town’s many beautiful historical buildings. The Matron Morrow Hall gave library staff a blank canvas to create a welcoming, fun, and warm new community space.

Croydon was lucky enough to receive a pop-up First 5 Forever play space previously used by one of the Moreton Bay libraries. This large interactive and immersive space will be the foundation of many of the First 5 Forever programs held in the library. It has created a centerpiece for the new library, giving the local children of all ages a new reason to visit the library.

Over the next few months library staff will hold a range of events in the new location, from monthly seniors’ games, school holiday activities and our First 5 Forever program. We offer free wifi, printing and computer use, so are excited to see an influx of visitors during the upcoming tourist season finding a cool refuge in the Croydon heat.

Thanks so much for sharing, Courtney. What a fantastic space you and the community have out in Croydon.

If you’d like to share some new initiatives, program success, even program challenges, I’d like to hear from you. Sharing stories across the network is a great way to keep all of us informed and educated and a great way to promote networking outside of our yearly PD or Conference events, so please don’t be shy!


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