Strategic Planning Background Paper

Noosa Shire Council and Western Downs Regional Council take great pride in sharing with the wider Public Library sector their Strategic Planning Background Paper.

This collaborative project arose when both Councils were seeking information to help inform the future planning of their library services. They partnered together to engage an external consultant, I & J Management Services, to develop the report on the understanding that each Council would contribute 50% towards the total cost and each receive the full report.

The completed report includes research into the environmental context for modern public libraries. It has a ‘whole of library’ sector perspective and includes information around policy landscape, industry trends, post-Covid implications and value of public libraries.

Noosa Shire Council and Western Downs Regional Council both agreed that other public libraries would benefit from having access to this topical information and gained approval for the paper to be hosted on the QPLA website.

Please ensure appropriate copyright acknowledgement is applied when using any images or content from this report.

Report available here

Any queries can be directed to Tracey King or Chris Bermingham

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