2022 Highlights – QPLA South-East Qld Regional Rep

I can’t believe we have arrived at the end of 2022!

What a year it has been in the South East Qld Representative role. I joined the QPLA in this role in July this year. Since then I have gotten to visit a few libraries and participated in the QPLA 2022 Conference.

Joining QPLA has been amazing as it has meant that I have gotten to meet so many other library staff, visit libraries and expand my library knowledge. I have included a few photos of my highlights of the year which include:

  • a personalised tour through the Bundaberg Library from Stephen Harris (I was in awe of their who writes like flyers for customers!)
  • the new library pod in Noosa (so easy to grab a quick read! I actually use the library pod in Ipswich fairly often too – it’s so convenient!)
  • the Children’s Library in Ipswich (as a local resident I love to take my son here), the Robina library on the Gold Coast (I popped in for a quick visit on holidays and loved the space. It was so bright and fresh!!)
  • and last but certainly not least, meeting Ryan Dowd at the Conference. I was a massive fan of the Librarians Guide to Homelessness training and after listening to Ryan’s talk, I have been inspired to start a community engagement project with other Brisbane Council teams with homeless and domestic violence victims within my own Council area. (I will let you know how this goes!).

Thanks to all of you for welcoming me to this role. I look forward to working with you all in 2023. I am also interested in working from one of your libraries (in the South East Region) for a day whilst I attend one of our monthly QPLA meetings via zoom. If you are interested in me visiting, please let me know!

Shelly Lausberg

Photos attached – Robina, Ipswich Childrens, Noosa, Bundaberg, Bundaberg Who writes like flyers, Ryan Dowd

Robina Library
Ipswich Children’s Library
Noosa Library kiosk
Bundaberg Library
Bundaberg – Who else writes like – flyers
Shelly and Ryan Dowd

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