Papers and Presentations

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Masterclass: Advocacy for Public Libraries – State Library of Queensland


Thursday 12 September 2019

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Noticed. Building a personal brand in today’s competitive and changing environment – Suzie Lightfoot¬†

Innovation Survivor: how to outthink, outsmart and outlast your competitors – Dr Amantha Imber

Design Thinking & Library Centred Design – Edward Luca

Year of Indigenous Languages 2019 – Mackay Regional Council Libraries & State Library of Queensland

Removing barriers and enhancing user experience – Nicole Hunt, Mackay Regional Council Libraries

Libraries are changing: diversification, collaboration and sustainability – Kimberley Lehto-Head and Angela Hays, Mackay Regional Council Libraries

Moreton Bay Regional Libraries Backstage Pass – Kerry Griffith, Moreton Bay Region Libraries – Text / Images

First 5 Forever: Sharing the market research – Laura Landmann, State Library of Queensland

10 seats. 10 stories. 10 parks. – Lisa Austin, Sunshine Coast Libraries

Virtual Reality and games-based learning in a public library environment – Stephen Harris, Bundaberg Regi0nal Libraries


Friday 13 September 2019

An International Perspective – Ton van Vlimmeren

The marathon after the sprint: lessons learned in library disaster recovery –¬†Shan Boller, Townsville City Libraries & Felicia Long, Gympie Regional Libraries

Panel Session – Understanding the impact of broad social issues on library staff – John Mendoza, Marion Wards, Cherie Miller, Kimberley Lehto-Head

It always seems impossible until it is done: the Noosaville Library refurbishment project РJane Harding, Noosa Library Service 

Digital access pilot project – Janelle Parrott and Michelle Marcum, Mackay Regional Council Libraries

Digital authors in a digital world: Meeting the digital demand for author talks – Amy Suttie, Sunshine Coast Libraries

Who do you think she is? Upskilling, challenging and empowering our family historians – Jennifer Perry and Donna Kellion, Mackay Regional Council Libraries

Logan City Council Libraries Hive Coworking Spaces – Leo Clayton, Logan City Council Libraries

My community, my library: Community led design of libraries – Paul Trotter on behalf of Belinda Douglas, Fulton Trotter Architects

Virtual reality and new media as an opportunity rather than a threat to traditional ways of storytelling – Ana Brzezinska