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Queensland Public Libraries Association is an independent body made up of members from Rural and Independent Library services across the state.

QPLA partners with State Library of Queensland and other national bodies to ensure libraries in Queensland continue to grow and develop.  It uses its website, a regular newsletter and frequent emails to maintain contact with library staff and host PD events and a biannual conference to provide access to high-quality learning and networking experiences.

Is your library service a member? If not, consider signing up and enjoy the benefits of a strong network base stretching across Queensland.

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SLQ 2015 Digital Literacy Forum

Public libraries proactively address state and national education agendas and provide literacy programs and services,…

Read More 8th International Evidence Based Library & Information Conference

6-8 July 2015 Gardens Point Campus, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane The Organising Committee for…

Read More 25-29 May 2015 – Aurora Institute for Emerging Leaders

The 2015 Aurora Institute for Emerging Leaders will be held from the 25th – 29th…

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Nominations for QPLA Committee

Nominations are now open for positions within the QPLA Executive Committee for the following roles:…

Read More New shirts worn with pride

In late 2011 Tablelands Libraries staff voted to use some of the library promotions budget…

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