Additional Speakers

Ann Morrison

Ann is a Senior Research Fellow at Digital Life Lab, working on mobility and social inclusion with elders and animals. Ann has designed a range of tangible solutions to enhance states of well-being, mobility, safety and social interaction for everyday circumstances.

Neil Martin

As senior digital innovator within USQ’s new digital life lab, Neil is interested in how ubiquitous technology can be harnessed to provide meaningful experiences, increase knowledge and understanding, and support human flourishing.

Stephen Seymour

Stephen is Engagement Leader with Making the Connection, an Australian Government funded project that seeks to identify and implement solutions for those students that do not have access to the Internet.

Tamara Heck

Tamara is a research fellow working in the Digital Life Lab at the University of Southern Queensland. Her research is on openness and open practices in science and education and she investigates questions on human perception and information searching.

Tyler Wellensiek

Tyler is Strategic Projects Officer in the Regional Partnerships team at State Library Queensland. He’s the go-to man on a number of coding and robotics initiatives, and is an unyielding proponent for STEM programming in libraries.

Kate Davis

Kate is a social scientist and librarian by trade who researches information experience, particularly in the context of social media, using qualitative approaches designed to get to the heart of people’s experience.

Melita Oehlman

Melita is a librarian at City of Gold Coast Libraries. With a background in teaching, Melita has focussed her library career on advocating for youth programming and developing and delivering innovative digital technology and STEAM initiatives.

Karen Gunnarsson

Karen is a librarian at City of Gold Coast Libraries. Karen has a passion for digital literacy and emerging technologies and explores how they can be used to create inclusive opportunities within the community.

Louise Denoon

Louise is the Executive Director Regional Access and Public Libraries at State Library of Queensland. Louise has more than 20 years’ experience working with cultural institutions. Louise is passionate about working with communities and unleashing the potential of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Laura Landmann

Laura is the Coordinator Information and Learning for Brisbane City Council Libraries. Laura designs a rich and innovative program of lifelong learning seminars and workshops. Laura manages digital literacy programs and facilitates new and strategic programs in the STEM area.

Megan Scully

Megan Scully

Megan is the First 5 Forever Officer at Sunshine Coast Libraries where she works across eight libraries delivering staff training programs. Megan has recently begun working with State Library of Queensland on the First 5 Forever project team facilitating training across Queensland.

Jane Stronach

Jane is the Team Leader of Library Operations at Sunshine Coast Libraries and has 20 years’ experience working in the library sector. Jane coordinates the library refurbishment and extension program and is a strong advocate for library design that finds the balance between the role of collections with the need for community social space.

Tracey Carter

Tracey is a passionate adult literacy advocate on the Sunshine Coast and has seen hundreds of people improve their literacy levels through the library service. She leads the Sunshine Coast Libraries Adult Literacy Program including a team of 100 trained volunteers.  On a daily basis Tracey experiences the value and enduring nature that basic literacy has on people’s lives.

Jane Harding

Jane is Heritage Librarian at Noosa Library Service. Jane has a particular interest in information literacy and a strong belief in its importance for successful navigation of the information rich world.

Belinda Douglas

Belinda Douglas

Belinda Douglas is an architect and works with cultural specialists Fulton Trotter Architects. Belinda’s library experience is wide ranging; from inner city school libraries to public satellite libraries in regional areas, all addressing in their own particular way the question, ‘what does this library want to be?’ The most enriching and rewarding part of any process is exploring the possibilities for the future while embracing the rich history and personality that each community brings.