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local_buy_logo_homeContract Number BUS 223-0312

Local Buy has worked collaboratively with Queensland Public Libraries Association (QPLA) and Libraries directly throughout the state to provide a comprehensive and value-adding contract for all Libraries in Queensland to access as a procurement solution meeting the requirements of Local Government Legislation.

The purpose of this contract is to provide Queensland and the Northern Territory and their perspective Councils as part of the National Procurement Network, with a Preferred Supplier Arrangement.   Due to the many specification variables and market dynamics of the Library Industry, this arrangement will be established from which Purchasers may access goods and services across a group of capabilities from a panel of providers as well as issue Request for Quotations (RFQ) inclusive of technical specifications.   This arrangement covers the lifecycle of a library purchasing including goods, value added services (Including Physical Processing and Cataloguing) processing material up to and including the point that they are delivered as shelf ready, stock selection and other relevant services such as RFID Technology.

The objective of this arrangement is to streamline the local government procurement process, thereby reducing procurement costs for both local government and the library supplier community. When a local government seeks to make a purchase, they may obtain competitive quotations from Contractors, who have been pre qualified and appointed to a Local Buy arrangement, thereby saving the time and cost of open tendering.

This Contract will be primarily available for access by Queensland and Northern Territory Purchasers. However a number of other organisations are able to procure from this Contract.  Please view the General Conditions of Contract for full details under Schedule A.

Local Buy seeks to secure competitive rates.  Local Buy seeks to achieve prices that reflect the potential aggregation of all Queensland and Northern Territory councils.  Consistent with Clause 40 of the General Conditions of Contract, a Contractor shall ensure that the prices offered and billed to Purchasers of their products and services are its best and most competitive prices.

This new arrangement will supersede the current contract, BUS 180-1108 Library Resources and caters for a diverse range of goods and services and are summarised in the below listing.  It should be noted that successfully awarded Contractors (Preferred Suppliers) have been awarded by specific category.

Category – Goods:

  • Books (Hardcover and Paperback) and Related Products and Accessories;
  • Audio Visual and Multi Media Material and Related Products and Accessories;
  • Online Goods and Related Products and Accessories; and
  • Library Display, Storage and Furniture and Related Products and Accessories.

Category – Services:

  • Value Added Services (Including Shelf Ready and Cataloguing);
  • Stock Selection;
  • RFID Technology;
  • Member Card Printing;
  • Library Security Systems; and
  • Library Management Systems.

Contractor Engagement Process

This arrangement caters for a diverse range of goods and services.  It is important note that a Purchaser may elect to enter into discussions directly with any Contractor appointed without going through an RFQ process. The Purchaser must reference the Local Buy Contract when doing so.    A purchaser with individual requirement’s for a project can, with the assistance of the price schedule, consider issuing an RFQ under BUS 223-0312.

It is expected that Purchasers will at their sole discretion seek quotes from one or more contractors from the panel of providers awarded in line with the legislation requirements, project scope, project spend and individual Purchaser policy.  Within an RFQ a Purchaser may define further comprehensive information in regards to a service level agreement, shelf ready requirements, stock selection profile, RFID technical specification, security management plan, implementation plan, testing procedures, deployment plan, training plan, confidentiality agreement, licence terms escrow terms etc.

Local Buy has established a web-based Request for Quotation system which will enable Contractors to quote on a project by project basis.  This system is called Vendor Panel. Vendor Panel does not require the Contractor to have any special software to use the system and quotations through the system will not be disclosed to other Contractors.   A Purchaser may determine not to utilise the Local Buy Vendor Panel system, and instead may issue a Request for Quotation directly to the Contractor (s).

Important Points of Interest

Whole of Range

A contractor may offer its ‘whole of range’ provided they fall within the general scope of the Specification. Additional goods and services in line with a Contractor’s tender submission and successful award may be nominated by the Contractor for approval over the life cycle of the Contract as per clause 10 of the General Conditions of Contract.

Each vendor has completed Part 3, Schedule 4 Pricing Schedule documents.

Each category has been allocated a separate worksheet within the pricing schedule.  Pricing provided in the schedules are exclusion of GST and freight costs.

Each vendor has completed Part 3, Schedule 4 Regional Representation documents.

This document while containing the standard delivery information also features maximum repair times, minimum order requirements for both Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Each vendor has completed Part 3, Register of Sub Contractors.

This document contains the standard contact information for each sub contractor and features descriptions of expertise and other registration or membership relevant for both Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Local Buy has an ongoing agreement with QPLA whereby a quarter of the fees earned from the Library Resources, Furniture and Associated Services contract (BUS 223-0312) are returned to the Association.

This funding enables the QPLA Committee to continue to undertake professional development and conference events each year, to subsidise attendance for selected Queensland public library staff that would otherwise be unable to attend the events, and to fund the QPLA Biennial Research Scholarship.

Contact Details

Should you have any further questions in regards to the specifications and general conditions of contract or require a more in-depth understanding of the evaluation and award process please do not hesitate to contact LGAQ.

Telephone:  07 3000 2270