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Libraries and Civic Engagement – Technology and Social Change Group project by the University of Washington

Posted by qpla on April 29, 2017

The Technology & Social Change Group – a research centre that is  part of the Information School at the University of Washington –  are documenting programs and services that libraries around the world offer to promote civic participation in the communities they serve and are seeking input from Australian libraries.

The Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA) are collating case studies of the work undertaken by Australian public libraries in working on issues around civic engagement.

At this point of the process, they are documenting a wide range of roles libraries are playing to engage citizens in civic dialogue and participation: libraries as civic spaces to discuss and solve community problems; libraries as enablers of civic literacy and as civic information centres, etc. They will share the outcomes of this research effort once completed.

If you have examples you would like to share please forward to Jan Richards AM Chair, APLA by 12 May, 2017.  Jan will collate the information and forward to the Group.

Jan is available via email at or by phoning 02 6393 8126.