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Local Government Authority Award

This award recognises the Queensland Local Government Authority that most demonstrates outstanding community service through delivery of an individual program or service.

The Award winner will receive $1,000 for their Library service.

Local Government Authorities are invited to nominate a project from the previous 12 months which aligns with the 2019 QPLA Conference theme of Metamorphosis. Applicants should detail in their submission which of the following themes their project addresses:

• Advocacy to internal and external stakeholders at all levels to build value, awareness, understanding and partnerships for public libraries.
• Understanding and preparing for changes in the Library profession, service design and customers through innovation in staff capacity building; or fostering and empowering the Library as a profession.
• Digital and Virtual technology – looking outside the square in all fields including building design, service models, program design, marketing, branding and collection development.
• Design of library spaces which adapt, revitalise, renew, and/or revisit customer experience
• Rethinking library branding and marketing

The winner will be determined by the QPLA Executive Board based on how well their submission addresses the criteria. The winner will be announced at the Conference Gala dinner on Thursday 12 September.

How to enter:

1. Fill out the accompanying cover page, ensuring all submission requirements below are addressed.

2. The short-listed winners are to supply a PDF that sufficiently describes their project and is suitable for uploading to the QPLA website. Ensure all relevant supporting documentation is included. The submitter is responsible for ensuring all photos are used with permission.

3. Submit entries, signed off by the Manager on the cover document, to the Secretary, QPLA via by COB Friday 16 August, 2019.

4. All relevant formats will be accepted as part of a submission and creativity of presentation will be considered.

Submission requirements

Profile (Describe your library and community)

  • Population served, size, demographic, library use, community needs.

Project Synopsis (Describe the project/program)

  • How the program was delivered, and who was responsible
  • Outcomes, and how they met the objectives
  • Any learnings
  • Will the project/program continue
  • Documentation must include (eg business case/project plan, templates) to enable other libraries to follow the model.

Evaluation (How did you measure your successes and plan for the future?)

Please include as appropriate:

  • Any statistics
  • Methodology
  • What worked/What didn’t work
  • What you would do differently
  • Re-evaluation and continuation.

Download the application form.