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Development and Opportunity

DevelopmentThe Development and Opportunity Working Group is a forum to support and and make recommendations to the Association on how it might provide professional development opportunities for its members.
Specifically the group will:

  • Identify professional development topics relevant to the Association and its members
  • Respond to priority issues referred by the Executive Board of the Association
  • Identify potential delivery mechanisms, opportunities or speakers
  • Investigate options for a decentralised model of providing training opportunities
  • Collect and review information on professional development opportunities that could be made available to members
  • Investigate and develop opportunities for staff exchange programs
  • Develop training tools and materials for use by the Association or its membership
  • Review the conference model

For more detailed information, read the Development and Opportunity Terms of Reference.

Want to be part of the group or simply want to make a contribution by offering a service; lending expertise or simply passing on a suggestion? Simply contact Rebecca Randle