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Advocacy and Marketing

AdvocacyThe Advocacy and Marketing Working Group is a forum to support and make recommendations to the Association on how it might undertake advocacy and marketing on behalf of its members.

Specifically the group will:

  • Identify topics relevant to the Association and its members requiring an advocacy or marketing focus
  • Respond to priority issues referred by the Executive Board of the Association
  • Gather evidence to support the recommendation for any campaigns to be undertaken by the Association or its membership
  • Develop a draft plan for consideration, including resource requirements, and possible champions if necessary
  • Implement the plan as required by the Association
  • Develop advocacy and marketing tools, materials and training for use by the Association or its membership

For more detailed information, read the Advocacy and Marketing Terms of Reference.

Want to be part of the group or simply want to make a contribution by offering a service; lending expertise or simply passing on a suggestion? Simply contact  Jessica Clark