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How to enter your Library Showcase

Sharing our ideas, projects, event management and document templates are all ways we can help each other and build strong public library services across Queensland.

Do you have a project or event that worked well in your library and you’d like to share on our webpage?  There’s two ways to do it:

1.Submit your Library Showcase online

Use our easy online submission form to send us your story and we’ll post it here!


2.Submit your Library Showcase via email

Please note that by submitting an article, you are agreeing for it to be published and reproduced on the QPLA website. Please therefore ensure that any photos attached have received appropriate permissions.

  • Describe your project in whatever way you think appropriate: the issues, challenges, outcomes and any changes that have resulted in your organisation as a result of the project.
  • Use images (no more than two), customer comments, extracts from materials, etc. to illustrate the project.
  • Keep it simple, short and catchy!
  • Send your document in Word or PDF format
  • Keep your file less than 5mb and email the document to