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Conference Program


Sunday 15 October

2.00 pm – 3.00 pm – Registration desk open
3.00 pm – QPLA AGM
3.30 pm – Get colourful and connect with State Library of Queensland. Louise Denoon
Discuss some of the strategic initiatives between public libraries and State Library of Queensland and hear about the feedback from the review of VISION 2017. Opportunities and issues raised in the public library grant methodology review will be discussed and ideas about the future funding of F5F programs will be generated.
5.30 pm – Welcome Beach BBQ with Platinum Sponsor Bolinda

Monday 16 October

8.00 am – 9.00 am – Registration desk open
9.00 am – Conference Official Welcome
9.30 am – Future Readiness: Are we there yet? Luis Herrera, San Francisco Public Library
Dramatic and fast paced societal change driven by technology, ubiquitous information and social forces are reshaping the role of libraries. Luis Herrera will share his perspective on how libraries can help transform communities through innovation, user experience and library design.
10.15 am – Get STEAMy at the library. Laura Landmann, Brisbane City Council
With coding increasingly being recognised as an essential literacy, libraries around the world are introducing a range of new programs. Hear about the innovative STEAM programs that Brisbane Libraries have introduced for people of all ages. Discover the strategies used to build staff capability and confidence to deliver emerging digital technology programs.
10.45 am – Trade Exhibit and Poster Session with Gold Sponsor Peter Pal
11.15 am – Creativity in Libraries: from ideas to reality. Kim Tairi, Auckland University of Technology
Ms Tairi will talk about why creativity matters to the library profession, culture and to her own practice. Fostering creativity in the workplace requires more than providing the right kind environment. It is also about ensuring your library has systems and processes for taking new ideas and making them a reality.
11.55 am – Changing Lives with Literacy. Tracey Carter, Sunshine Coast Council
Sunshine Coast Libraries has been changing lives through their Adult Literacy Program since 1989.  The Program helps people with low literacy skills manage the issues they are faced with every day such as reading a bus timetable or a school newsletter. Find out how the Program operates, understand the drivers for long term success and take away tips for your library service.
12.20 am – Dollars Making Sense: a financial literacy pilot project. Jane Harding, Noosa Library
The ability to make informed financial decisions transforms individuals and communities. Dollars Making Sense was a grant-funded pilot project that expanded Noosa Library Service’s existing literacy program to offer financial literacy support. Noosa Library Service worked closely with the funding body, Financial Literacy Australia (FLA) to develop, implement and evaluate the program.
12.45 pm – Trade Exhibit and Poster Session
2.00 pm – Placemaking and Libraries. Kylie Legge, Place Partners
The importance of placemaking, understanding trends in placemaking and what actually works particularly regarding libraries and their identity as community spaces for information and learning will be further discussed.
2.40 pm – The ways Public Libraries are evolving for the information age. Gemma John, Library Design Europe and North America
Public libraries are evolving to become places for ‘connection not the collection’. Gemma John will show how design is being used as a tool to enhance the experience of customers and change the behaviour of staff, with some impressive results.
3.20 pm – Trade Exhibit and Poster Session
3.50 pm – Panel Session: Delivering Good Design.
Good design can deliver results that address library user needs in new and interesting ways. The panel discusses how libraries renovate and re-purpose spaces using innovation in library design to better respond to community needs. Taking a closer look at how libraries manage economic realities and service aspirations with library design decision making.
6.30 pm – Gala Dinner with Principal Sponsor Local Buy

Tuesday 17 October

8.00 am – 9.00 am – Registration desk open
8.45 am – Libraries on high. Darren Percival
Experience the health benefits of singing in this dynamic presentation with accomplished entertainer Darren Percival. Find out how singing releases feel good chemicals in the brain, helps reduce stress and is good for team building and workplace wellbeing. Start day 2 of the conference on a high note.
9.30 am – These Digital Lives. University of Southern Queensland
Let the experts take you beyond buzzwords and cliches to show you a fresh side to digital life. Get the tools, understanding, and inspiration you need to engage deeply with the digital lives of your community with the team from University of Southern Queensland’s Digital Life Lab. State Library of Queensland’s digital outreach guru Tyler Wellensiek hosts this lively, chat-show style panel discussion that refreshes the parts other digital projects cannot reach.
10.30 am – Trade Exhibit and Poster Session
11.00 am – Deepen your resilience to live a life that feels unstoppable. Taryn Brumfitt
Writer, speaker and founder of the Body Image Movement, the inspirational Taryn Brumfitt explores what strengthening your voice means and how to avoid the regrets of the dying. How to overcome fear and the natural instinct to stay small and hidden.
12.00 noon – First 5 Forever – Aiming for Forever. Megan Scully, Sunshine Coast Council
First 5 Forever at Sunshine Coast Libraries is focussed on the development of staff and their working knowledge of emergent literacy. While the community see library employees as leaders in literacy, staff don’t necessarily view themselves in the same light. The approach to F5F training has reframed how staff see their role in empowering families to actively participate in early literacy learning for their children. Ongoing mentoring and a strong focus on professional reflection are key components of the program.
12.30 pm – Trade Exhibit and Poster Session
1.30 pm – Seamless: a hero’s journey of digital disruption, adaptation and human transformation. Anders Sorman Nilson
In a world where any piece of information is a click or voice command away, what is the role of libraries in the future? In a world of digital information, cloud computing, podcasts, flipped classrooms, virtual reality, and MOOCs, how will people learn, search and immerse themselves into wisdom and pedagogy beyond the horizon?
2.30 pm – A sustainable approach to STEAM programming. Melita Oehlman and Karen Gunnarsson, City of Gold Coast
Find out how the team at Helensvale Library, City of Gold Coast, overcame the challenges of implementing STEAM and digital programming. The strategies and techniques that they used will be outlined to assist those hoping to develop their own STEAM library programs.
3.00 pm – Trade Exhibit and Poster Session
3.30 pm – Panel Session: Global vision for libraries.
Increasing access to information and knowledge across society globally is recognised in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Each country has a responsibility to support development that improves lives and closes the gaps in information needs. The panel takes a global perspective on the universal Sustainable Development Goals, the role of International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and how your library service can make a difference locally.
4.15 pm – Closing Address

Wednesday 18 October

8.30 am – Tour of Sunshine Coast Libraries. Visit three libraries, includes lunch at the Caloundra Regional Art Gallery. 1.00 pm return to Novotel Twin Waters